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We invest in dangerously resilient, early-stage founders building in Future of Work and Community

Rezilyent Capital is powered by community-centric investors as visionary & futuristic as the founders we partner with

The future is productivity, connectivity, and community

As futurists, we predict that the next market dominators will build solutions in the future of work, life, and play; tackling key areas like doing things better, faster, and more efficiently, forging stronger, more meaningful connections, and leveraging community-led strategies for growth and retention.

How we invest

Our sweet spot is coming in as strategic investors toward the end. We help founders by focusing heavily on channel partnerships and community-led growth customer acquisition strategies

Sweet spot:
Last-check in
Strategic partners

Pre-Seed to Seed+

Check Size:
$50,000 - $150,000+

Future of Work

Consumer Packaged Goods
Life Sciences

Crypto/web3 w/o community
Clothing Brands

Hardware with No Tech
Pre-product pitches

Industries we avoid

For the sake of everyone's time, we like to keep it 100 and be transparent about our investment interests. These are some of the areas we're not considering (for right at least).

We love being the last check in. Rarely will we be the first.

Because community-led growth strategies and unfair industry insight are our greatest strengths, we prefer to partner with founders toward the close of their rounds. If you're looking for your first check, we're probably not the best fit for you. 

Invest with us

Even the earliest investors deserve a chance to partner with top startups. Join us as we ignite the next wave of angel investors and VCs

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