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We invest $50K - $150K into early-stage founders building in Future of Work & Community

Rezilyent Capital partners with Pre-Seed to Seed+ founders and aims to be one of the last checks in your round

Before you pitch us or apply for funding, let's first make sure we align

We were founders first - so we get it. Transparency is key. At Rezilyent Capital, we're 1000% all-in for shooting your shot. However, also keep in mind that before you pitch us, it's important for you to understand how we invest and what we look for. 

How we invest

Our sweet spot is coming in as strategic investors toward the end. We help founders by focusing heavily on channel partnerships and community-led growth customer acquisition strategies

Sweet spot:
Last-check in
Strategic partners

Pre-Seed to Seed+

Check Size:
$50,000 - $150,000+

Future of Work

Future of Work


Human Intelligence
Human Capital

(Alternative) EdTech

Industries we are excited about:

For us, the future of work extends to work, life, and play; with a strong focus on tools to improve productivity and connectivity.

Ones we are not considering

These are some of the areas we're not looking at (for right at least).

Consumer Packaged Goods
Life Sciences

Crypto/web3 w/o Community
Clothing Brands

Hardware with No tech
Pre-product pitches

We love being the last check in. Rarely will we be your first.

Because community-led growth strategies and unfair industry insight are our greatest strengths, we prefer to partner with founders toward the close of their rounds. If you're looking for your first check, we're probably not the best fit for you. 

Resilience: founders who do their best to be their best

Excellence: top founders who perform the best

Self-Awareness: unwavering confidence that they are the best

Discernment: know when to pivot at the best time

We invest in the best of the best. Period.

Apart from having a strong business and domain expertise, we seek to founders with high levels of resilience, excellence, self-awareness, and discernment.

Applications Now Live

Looking to partner with cool kids who geek out on future of work and community?

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