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Despite setbacks, resilient people always figure it out, which is why we invest in them

How a linguist went from doing research in Brasil to investing in startups, and building community at one of the top fintech companies in the world

Our partner was a linguist in her first life - that's why we adopted the phonetic  spelling of /rezilyənt/ 

Logically, it makes no sense how a trained linguist went from Second Language Acquisition to fintech & early-stage investing. But, it doesn't have to make sense - because dangerously resilient people always figure it out.

Community is in our blood. From leading one of Tampa Bay's largest female-first communities in 2016, to growing a global community of 4000+ founders in the midst of a pandemic. We live and breathe community and connectivity - which is why we know it's at the core of the future of work.

Meet Jeanine
Rezilyent Capital (7).png

Meet Jeanine

Founding Partner | Rezilyent Capital

Expert in Residence at Brex
Future of Work Geek 😍

  • Jeanine Suah Twitter
  • LinkedIn | Jeanine Suah

We love working with people who dare to build as their authentic selves

This includes both founders and investors. If our story resonates with you in any capacity, we encourage you to invest with us or to apply for funding

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